Under two's unit

The under two's unit is managed flexibly over two rooms, allowing joint or separate age-appropriate activities depending on the numbers and ages of the children who are present on each day.

Room to explore

Activities are planned and rotated to ensure the same opportunities for all the children. Children enjoy taking part in sensory activities: playing with sand, water, musical instruments and the treasure basket, as well as the more messy paint, jelly, slime, ice and pasta.

Young children are encouraged to vocalise and language is promoted through songs, stories and of course asking and talking with your child. Familiar words are repeated and no doubt your child will soon learn the word train, and watch from the window daily as they go past the station.

Finding their feet

Once they become mobile in some way (shuffling, crawling, walking), your child can choose for themselves from the activities provided. These range from mini-world floor play (zoo, farm and cars), construction, (Duplo, stickle bricks), music and dance, puzzles and art, and messy play.

Children are encouraged to hold their own cups at meal times and, as they progress, to feed themselves. This develops their self-help skills, no matter how messy it is.

Your child will be able to explore the outside world. Children are taken for regular walks in buggies, and when they are mobile they can play in the nursery garden.

Sweet dreams

Our dedicated sleep rooms are fitted with listening monitors, and one has a viewing window for the safety of younger babies. Children gradually progress from cots to mattresses once they are able to stand.



Keeping you informed

At the end of each day you will receive a written diary page, giving you an insight into what your child has done throughout the day. Staff will also give you any works of art your child has completed in nursery.