Pioneers (2 - 3 years)

A mixture of free-choice and adult-led activities ensure that your child has the opportunity to explore a balance of stimulating roles to aid their development. Table top activities are more evident for this age group. Children are encouraged to sit at an activity until they have finished, rather than wander around with pieces in their hands, so they learn that everything has a place, and gain knowledge of their environment and how to care for it.

Your child will experience sand, water, art and craft, and music and movement sessions. The garden is an ideal place to learn about the outside world and our pioneers love to propel themselves on trikes and bikes. Once a week on Welly Day, the children spend most of the day outside, taking part in activities that make full use of the outdoor space. Inside, the introduction of a weather board and simple science experiments support this learning too.

Building confidence

As a Pioneer, your child will meet many challenges and become more confident as he/she asserts themselves with their environment and among their peers. During this time, we encourage self-help skills, such as putting on their own hat and coat, and provide support for your child to grow in confidence to feed themselves and use an open top beaker. We will also discuss potty training with you, support your child as they learn to use first a potty and then a toilet, and can provide advice when needed.

Sweet dreams

At this age, many children still benefit from a lunchtime nap or a rest. Pioneers enjoy some quiet time after lunch. The lights are turned down and the children settle down on their mattresses for a nap. Older children who need less sleep are encouraged to read stories quietly with staff to recharge themselves for the afternoon of fun ahead.

Keeping you informed

At the end of each day, parents receive a written diary page, giving you an insight into what your child has done throughout the day. Children of this age produce many drawings and artworks that will be placed in their tray for you to take home. Displays on the wall also allow you and your child to take pride in their achievements.