This week's menu

Meals are cooked daily on the premises, using fresh, unprocessed ingredients wherever possible. We do not serve fried food, but offer grilled or baked alternatives. All pies, cakes etc. are cooked from basic ingredients, although we do utilise some pre-prepared foods such as fish fingers, sausages and ice cream.

Our menus are formulated to meet the recommendations of modern nutritionists as well as the wishes of both parents and children. Meals provide a reasonable amount of protein, are high in carbohydrates and use the minimum of seasonings.

We operate a 4-weekly rolling menu which changes at the beginning of the summer months and the winter months. The full menus can be viewed here: Summer Menu and Winter Menu

We are very proud of our 5 stars rating under the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme run by Swindon Borough Council in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

Week beginning 23 may 2022
Lunch High tea
Monday Fish fingers with potatoes and baked beans
Rice pudding and jam
Homemade vegetable pasties
Tuesday Chicken korma and rice
Fruit jelly and ice cream
Jacket potato with tuna and cucumber
Wednesday Beef cottage pie with mixed vegetables
Pineapple upside down pudding with evaporated milk
Spaghetti hoops and toast
Thursday Soya meatballs with spaghetti
Fruit and custard
Fajitas (chicken)
Friday Sausage plait, new potatoes and broccoli
Blueberry crumble and ice cream

Babies are offered the same diet as the older children wherever possible, pureed or mashed as appropriate for their stage of development. Parents are welcome to supply alternative baby foods if they wish.

Our main aim is that meal times should be a pleasurable and rewarding experience. We believe that food is a very important part of the day and should meet each child’s nutritional, cultural and emotional needs.

Individual diets are catered for in consultation with parents, and if necessary other health professionals. We feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to honour parents' wishes and cultural requirements, such as special diets on religious or other grounds. We also feel it is vital that no child should be made to feel self conscious about special dietary requirements, so we try to offer foods which meet all needs wherever possible.

ALL DISHES MAY CONTAIN ALLERGENS. WE STRIVE TO HAVE NUT FREE CLASSROOMS. North Star Nursery operates a Food Safety Management System and all our dishes are subject to a Risk Assessment whereby all ingredients are listed and any allergens identified. These are available to view in your child's room. Alternatively, should you wish, please ask to speak to our Nursery Cook, Louise, about your child's individual needs. Following the new allergen legislation and advice from Environmental Health, we now have to ask that any homemade birthday cakes, biscuits, etc. are brought into nursery in a sealed container with a list of ingredients and the date they were made, and shop-bought cakes in their original unopened box.

*We may occasionally substitute menu items due to the availability of fresh ingredients.